“During this whole week I learned something each minute and each conversation – all in all I’ve learned so much that it feels like fourteen years of studying.” - Ana, Portugal

“I was constantly excited about what was going to happen next.” - Maja, Poland

“I had time to feel the harmony in myself.” - Gesine, Germany

“There was an excellent balance between theory and practical tasks that enabled me to integrate the concepts. I have become more in-tune with my heart/right brain and I am definitely more aware of my thought, actions and feelings. You’ve re-ignited the child in me.” - Mitan, Director, South Africa

“Awesome, inspiring, motivating, understanding. I loved the approach. She managed to push everyone to exactly where they needed to be. She never gave us the answers, but led us to figuring them out for ourselves.” - Ivana, Slovakia

"Ilana is a masterful facilitator, trainer and speaker. I have never seen anything quite like it. Ilana's skilful enquiry, her ability to hold space, go deep, challenge and also be playful and the way in which she presented leadership and purpose changed my life 360 degrees. Hands down my favourite, most powerful, most life changing course that I have done." - Katie, Facilitator and Coach, Spain

“All the possibilities emerge when people are given the tools and space to unveil what lies within their spirit.”-  Zoe, Facilitator, SA

“The way Ilana facilitated these 2,5 days has been absolutely fascinating and incredibly inspiring.  It's a true gift to bring 20 persons from completely different backgrounds, with unique missions and experiences, together and still manage to create a connection that I don't think many of us have experienced in so short time.” - American Express Emerging Innovators Bootcamp, Berlin

“It has enabled me to open up to a larger number of people, and it has reconfirmed and strengthened my belief in humanity. I feel more like a human being now than I did before, and it might sound odd but I feel more connected to the world, to myself and mankind as a collective.” - Christopher, Serial Entrepreneur, San Francisco

“Ilana was a truly wonderful facilitator. She’s building tomorrow’s leaders.” - Mitan, Entrepreneur, SA

“A precious diamond I will treasure all my life.” - Yvonne, Nigeria

“Inspiring…. I learned more about Ilana’s teaching style than the actual stuff written on the board. I was amazed by the way she was dealing with cries, shouts and conflict.” - Kristina, Finland

“She’s the person with the biggest influence on my life until now, my biggest inspiration without any doubt.” - Ana Patricia, Portugal

“It was phenomenal. An amazing job facilitating the toughest group of people you can potentially get together. Magically facilitated” - - Tim, Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

“Ilana ran the course immaculately, instantly gaining the respect and attention of a group of mentors which included people from senior roles in the corporate world. During the short course (1 week) she established herself as an authority on the subject matter, as a voice of reason, and of well balanced, insightful and empowering challenge. She dealt with our, in some cases, challenging and disengaged group with professionalism and measure, invaluable skills well beyond those you would expect of someone of her age.” - Chris, Director, The Netherlands

“This experience changed the way I think about myself and the world around me for the better. The impact is, excuse the cliché, life-changing.” - Andrew, Entrepreneur, SA

“It has impacted every aspect of my life, personally and professionally. The most amazing facilitator I have ever come across. Best of the best! I was in awe, mind-blowing stuff. A rare gem.” - Michael, Developmental Practitioner, SA