Evelyn McDonald, CEO ScotEdge - Scotland

Ilana Wetzler is unique in the field of leadership development. Her playful manner and shy smile belie her ability to captivate her audience completely creating a space where trust is absolute and strong and rewarding bonds are forged. Using a variety of deceptively simple games and discussions participants explore how to grow as a leader, inspire their team and drive their businesses forward. I have no idea how Ilana does it but it works – every time.

Karen Goldberg, Reos Partners - Cape Town

Watching Ilana was watching a master artist at work. She is absolutely in her power as a facilitator, bringing a whole being into the space. It was an absolute privilege to witness and experience her at work.  I have experienced “flow” in the most beautiful and amazing way – where I am completely me and completely connected.

Khanita Kahn, Tsiba University - Cape Town

I am bedazzled by her approach. She is able to engage with all of us, reaching into the depth of our core.

American Express Ashoka Emerging Innovators Bootcamp - Berlin

The way Ilana facilitated these 2,5 days has been absolutely fascinating and incredibly inspiring.  It's a true gift to bring 20 persons from completely different backgrounds, with unique missions and experiences, together and still manage to create a connection that I don't think many of us have experienced in so short time.

Sahar Azarabadi, Anthos Solution - San Francisco

I was reminded how amazing people truly are. What stood out was when I started hearing people’s sounds. My own included. The delicate balance when something shifts and someone really starts speaking from their heart… and it’s palpable.

Neil McInnes, CEO Umega Lettings - Scotland

Ilana has a very rare ability to bring people together in a way that they open up and share the most important and honest parts of themselves. When Ilana works her magic with entrepreneurs focused on the problems they can solve then the outcomes are colossal and hard to measure. Ilana has an all-star line-up of business people around the world who will point to the impact she has made on their lives and their businesses but the most impressive results of her work won’t be seen for years as the Ilana effect continues to ripple round the world.

Mark Clayton Hand, Impact Investor - Austin

My favourite facilitator in the whole world

Chris Newton, HR Senior Manager PwC -  The Netherlands

I worked with Ilana in my role as dance4life mentor programme coordinator during the inaugural training week of August 2010. Ilana was the course director for the mentor training programme. Ilana ran the course immaculately, instantly gaining the respect and attention of a group of mentors which included people from senior roles in the corporate world.

Angie Lai, Entrepreneur - China

The course touched every single part in an entrepreneur/leader/one’s life. I can actually say Ilana is the most professional trainer I have met in all the 100 conferences I have been to. She can pick out every single detail in everyone’s single movement and encourages and teaches us to work on it.

Stuart Minnaar, Serial Entrepreneur - Spain

It completely shattered what I understood to be a leader and instilled my values around servitude leadership. It has given me the tools to 'being” instead of just “doing

Isabel Malone, IkamvaYouth - South Africa

Ilana is a magician. You know when you’re in a crowd of people and you witness something absolutely amazing that nobody else sees – like a unicorn – but nobody else saw it so they don’t believe you? Well, that’s how I feel that the world is going to feel like after my experience. Thanks for letting me see a unicorn.

Andrew McNaught, Founder Trashback - South Africa

It had a huge impact on what I’m doing. This experience changed the way I think about myself and the world around me for the better. The impact is, excuse the cliché, life-changing.”

Christopher Pruijsen, Serial Entrepreneur - San Francisco

It has reconfirmed and strengthened my belief in humanity. I feel more like a human being now than I did before, and it might sound odd but I feel more connected to the world, to myself and mankind as a collective.

Pip Wheaton, Director ASHOKA - UK

I have worked with Ilana for seven years and can truly say that she is one of a kind. Ilana’s expertise is so deep that it appears effortless, magical. She can bring a group of people together - strangers, colleagues, competitors - and through her facilitation the will leave having connected at a deep human level. She enables a group to find insights that allow them to truly understand their work, their purpose, their strategy, not just at an individual or organisational level, but also how it fits in a broader system, how it fits in the world."

Alex Scott Tonge, Co-founder POY - Scotland

It is only with the absence of Ilana do you realise the impact of her presence. Just as a professional musician makes their instrument look so easy – so it is that you only realise how difficult it is and how good they are when you try it for yourself. 

Eddie Daniels, Political Activist - South Africa

Ilana will be an asset to any group or organisation which she becomes part of.

Tim Rutten, Serial Entrepreneur - The Netherlands

It was phenomenal. An amazing job facilitating the toughest group of people you can potentially get together.  Magically facilitated

Michael Bell, Developmental Practitioner - South Africa

The most amazing facilitator I have ever come across. Best of the best! I was in awe, mind-blowing stuff. A rare gem. A gift from God.