i carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)
— ee cummings



I work creatively and intuitively, integrating knowledge, tools and practices from ancient wisdom, modern science, the creative arts and energy work.


Individual and group coaching for purpose, transformation and leadership.

This is for you if you’re:

  • a purpose-driven entrepreneur or leader or

  • wanting a tailor-made development program or

  • in transition of any kind or

  • burnt-out or on the verge of burning out or

  • you don’t feel you know who you are or what you want

My passion is getting you re-aligned with your life force.

We work together to empower your true nature to reveal itself, beyond identity and story. Offering the healing, practices, knowledge, tools and skills for life to flood your system again.


Experiential programs for individual and collective transformation.

This is for you if you’re:

  • a group or community wanting to connect deeply

  • wanting support through a transition

  • needing mediation and real group dialogue

  • looking for immersive leadership development

  • wanting to deeply understand multiple perspectives

I love creating experiences where people get to be they we really are, individually and collectively.

All programs and events are dynamic and experiential and no two are ever the same.


Developing organisations and projects leading the emerging edge.

This is for you if you’re wanting to:

  • create programs that are experiential and dynamic

  • create safe spaces for people to relax and be themselves

  • cultivate your own skills of coaching and facilitation

  • get support for your work or project at whatever stage

  • ensure your project is aligned with its true purpose

This is all about empowering your capacity to create safe places, experiences and organisations.

We work together to support you and your project to align it with its real voice, purpose & impact.


"The course touched every single part in an entrepreneur/leader/one’s life. I can actually say Ilana is the most professional trainer I have met in all the 100 conferences I have been to. She can pick out every single detail in everyone’s single movement and encourages and teaches us to work on it."

- Angie Lai, Entrepreneur, China