This is the real secret of life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.
— Alan Watts


Glimpses of programs and experiences from around the world.

“Ilana’s magical blend is one that emerges from the depths of her soul. She is a seer, an explorer of the great mysteries with that rare and powerful combination of razor sharp intellect and infinite intuitive wisdom. She is the first person I call when I need true expertise in the arts of facilitation and bringing humans to collective states of coherence and flow.

- Jiro Taylor, Founder of Flow state


"I have worked with Ilana for seven years and can truly say that she is one of a kind. Ilana’s expertise is so deep that it appears effortless, magical. ."

- Pip Wheaton, Director ASHOKA - UK 

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 "Ilana has an all-star line-up of business people around the world who will point to the impact she has made on their lives and their businesses but the most impressive results of her work won’t be seen for years as the Ilana effect continues to ripple round the world."

Neil McInnes, CEO Umega Lettings - Scotland

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“I have met no-one since who can as effectively unlock the potential within a group of people, no matter how diverse or potentially challenging. Her mix of deep intuition and experience mixed with her boundless creativity and energy create the perfect conditions for transformational experiences to happen in her company. Ilana is…quite simply the best facilitator I have ever worked with.”

- Adam Purvis, Co-founder Power of Youth and FutureX

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“The way Ilana facilitated these 2,5 days has been absolutely fascinating and incredibly inspiring.  It's a true gift to bring 20 persons from completely different backgrounds, with unique missions and experiences, together and still manage to create a connection that I don't think many of us have experienced in so short time.”

- American Express Emerging Innovators Bootcamp, Berlin


"Ilana is unique in the field of leadership development. Her playful manner and shy smile belie her ability to captivate her audience completely creating a space where trust is absolute and strong and rewarding bonds are forged. Using a variety of deceptively simple games and discussions participants explore how to grow as a leader, inspire their team and drive their businesses forward. I have no idea how Ilana does it but it works – every time."

Evelyn McDonald, CEO ScotEdge - Scotland


"Ilana is a magician. You know when you’re in a crowd of people and you witness something absolutely amazing that nobody else sees – like a unicorn – but nobody else saw it so they don’t believe you? That’s how I feel that the world is going to feel like after my experience.

Thanks for letting me see a unicorn."

- Isabel Malone, IkamvaYouth - South Africa

"I am bedazzled by her approach. She is able to engage with all of us, reaching into the depth of our core."

- Khanita Khan, TSiBA University - South Africa