Experience transformation across all levels.

Programs are designed to meet your specific needs and context.


I work with a limited number of high-impact individuals each year. If you’d like to apply for one of these places, please fill in the application form.


If you are a coach and/or facilitator looking for deep personal development work coupled with the skills, tools and practices of transformational coaching and facilitation - please include that in your application.


Group programs can be designed for residential, non-residential and/or online. They are designed for the amount of time you and your group are able to commit to.

Themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Rediscovering your purpose

  • Recovering from burnout

  • Embracing change

  • Becoming unstuck

  • Dismantling the inner critic

  • Retreats for space and reflection

  • Creativity / writing workshops


Having worked with entrepreneurs internationally at all stages of their businesses - I have seen the common pain points, patterns and behaviours that cause an unnecessary amount of suffering and wasted resources.

I believe entrepreneurs have some of the most potent gifts to offer the world - and I love supporting them to transform their lives, businesses and impact.


Available ready-made immersive programs on:

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Purpose-driven entrepreneurship

  • Community building & connection

  • Facilitation Training


“Awesome, inspiring, motivating, understanding. I loved the approach. She managed to push everyone to exactly where they needed to be. She never gave us the answers, but led us to figuring them out for ourselves.” - Ivana, Slovakia

“It was phenomenal. An amazing job facilitating the toughest group of people you can potentially get together. Magically facilitated” - Tim, Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

“The way Ilana facilitated these 2,5 days has been absolutely fascinating and incredibly inspiring.  It's a true gift to bring 20 persons from completely different backgrounds, with unique missions and experiences, together and still manage to create a connection that I don't think many of us have experienced in so short time.” - American Express Emerging Innovators Bootcamp, Berlin

“It has impacted every aspect of my life, personally and professionally. The most amazing facilitator I have ever come across. Best of the best! I was in awe, mind-blowing stuff. A rare gem.” - Michael, Developmental Practitioner, SA

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